Scooter & Motorcycle Rental

Scooter Rental Services

Our scooters have an appealing classic look and are of the latest model. They come in three varieties: 50 cc or 125 cc  gas scooters and electric-step scooters. Scooters can be rented from any hotel on Curaçao or the Cruise Ship Terminal. Just ask for Prudential Scooters. Of course you can just rent directly from this site to make sure you have a reservation.

Motorcycle Rental Services

We rent vintage 125 cc motorcycles for those who like to feel the wind blow on their face as they hit the open road. And for the ultimate vacation experience, we also rent 1200 Sportster Harley-Davidsons, the iconic motorcycle brand known the world over. Look no further, we are the only company in Curaçao that rents them.